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ECTrans offers a wide range of language-related services, including:

  • Translation
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Localization
  • Adaptation/Transcreation
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Post-Editing

Our language combinations are:

  • English into Spanish (US, Latin American, and European)
  • English into Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • French into Spanish (US, Latin American, and European)
  • French into Portuguese (Brazilian)

Our services are geared toward our clients’ target audiences across the US, Latin America, and Europe. We also offer linguistic consulting services for marketing studies.

ECTrans is a rich source of language solutions for businesses in diverse industries, from technology to marketing. Every project benefits from our rigorous quality-assurance process, which combines language skills with technical expertise. Our services help you boost business, globalize your image, and ultimately enhance your performance, reputation, and revenue.


Our specialist translators see their craft as both an art and a science. Their art is the human side of translation: the cultural sensitivity, social skills, and writer’s “ear” that make translated text readable and relatable. The science lies in the technical linguistic skills of vocabulary, grammar, and syntax that are essential for conveying a message faithfully and effectively. We translate accurately, but not necessarily literally; our translations take the quality up a level and focus on conveying the purpose and meaning of the source material in the translated end result through a culturally conscious approach.

Our translators are native speakers of their target languages. We never use machine translation. Our translators do utilize powerful translation memory tools, however, which enable them to use a vocabulary tailored to your needs and to ensure consistency across large volumes of text. They will work on your translation project with complete professionalism and responsibility, delivering polished and timely translations. Read on to learn more about the editors and proofreaders who are crucial to every project.


The editors at ECTrans are true perfectionists, adding a layer of quality control above and beyond the translators’ work. Every phase of our work process is geared toward helping our clients accomplish their objectives. As such, our editors always keep the context of your project and your objectives in mind, so they can ensure that your translation conveys the intended message as perfectly as possible. As the first judges of the translators’ work, they add significant value to the work you receive.

We always assign editors who have relevant specialist knowledge to translation projects involving technical and specialized documents. In every case, our approach always ensures that the translated message is clear, accurate, and easily comprehensible to the intended audience.


Our proofreading service ensures that the translated, edited document is free from any formatting errors or typographical mistakes. Our well-trained proofreaders read the translated text and verify that the resultant document can be easily read and understood by the target audience in the target language without referring to the source material in any way.


Our team includes linguists from various Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking countries who can adapt your text to the specific audience you want to reach. This means that whether you plan to advertise a product in Spain or train construction workers in Mexico, we will imprint your message with a local flavor. Our experts understand the cultures you want to reach—their traditions, their aesthetics, their politics and history, their religious beliefs, their slang terms—helping you avoid cultural missteps. In addition to editing local spellings and word choices, we will replace any country-specific points of reference, such as government agencies, currencies, or symbols, with appropriate local equivalents.

Adaptation/ Transcreation

Our adaptation, or “transcreation,” services provide invaluable assistance for businesses that wish to expand their marketing efforts to a new target audience with a different language and culture. Through transcreation, our creative team takes your original marketing content and adapts it according to the linguistic and cultural dynamics of the new audience to maximize the effect of your global marketing. Our adaptation specialists work closely with your marketing team, employing many rounds of review to achieve the perfect transcreation.

Desktop Publishing:

Translations from English into Romance languages usually involve text expansion: in other words, these languages require at least 20% more words to convey the same message. This could be challenging when working with page layouts, and maintaining the integrity of the original design involves specific skill sets. Our language expertise, combined with the talent of our desktop publishers, allows us to deliver a final product that you can take directly to a printer or developer, saving you valuable time and money.

ECTrans has the expertise required to produce high-quality documentation in many formats, including InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and SQL Server Management Studio.


It’s not a secret that language technology is making incredible progress towards producing easily understood machine-translated text, especially in standardized texts. However, it is still far from creating text of a publishable quality, understanding cultural shades of meaning, or using language that resonates with the target audience, thus making a full round of editing after machine translation (known as “post-editing”) imperative for documents produced this way. Although we don’t use neural machine translations, we have the training and expertise to support clients who do, by improving the raw output and bringing it closer to human translation quality.

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