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Our web-based virtual work environment is set up to provide comprehensive and flexible translation solutions to all our clients, no matter where they are located. We offer the perfect balance: with the professionalism of a large company and the personal touch of a smaller one, all while serving our clients during non-typical business hours.


ECTrans uses state-of-the-art hardware and software to keep up with our fast-moving industry. Our linguists are power users of the latest industry-standard computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools. These tools do not replace the expertise of our human translations—we never use machine translation. Instead, they support our translators and editors with tools that ensure consistency, assist with controlled vocabulary and glossaries where appropriate, and save time and money.

Quality Process

  • Recruiting top-level linguists is the first step in our quality assurance process. By recruiting the top talent in the industry, we inject our business with the knowledge, expertise, and commitment to quality that make our language solutions stand out from the rest. Aside from their language expertise, our linguists hold degrees in fields like finance, engineering, law, medicine, and education.
  • We only accept a project after we clearly understand and define your requirements in terms of expected turnaround time, resources needed, and format.
  • We thoroughly review all source documents to be translated and discuss all important questions and issues with you before beginning work.
  • We allocate the best translators, editors, and proofreaders for your project’s requirements.
  • Depending on the project’s requirements, our linguists create a comprehensive glossary, based on context research, for use during the translation process.
  • ECTrans always uses the latest software resources to augment the expertise of our skilled linguists, streamlining the process and enhancing quality.
  • After the translation is done, we apply a rigorous quality review that employs the editing and proofreading skills of different expert linguists and the assistance of quality assurance software. We also perform a formatting review to ensure that the translated document looks as similar to the source document as possible (if that is your goal).
  • After our quality manager reviews and approves the translated documents, your dedicated project manager forwards the deliverable to you, along with any relevant comments to help you better understand the work.
  • Our project glossary is updated after the project. If you come back with another project that has similar requirements, we’ll use your project glossaries to ensure a consistent style and vocabulary in the work we do for you.


Why choose us over a single translator or an agency?

Here are some reasons why ECTrans is the best option for your translation project:

  • We procure the best talent without any geographical restrictions.
  • We strive to deliver excellent translations while creating simplicity for you, so that your projects run as smoothly as possible.
  • Our virtual environment offers maximum flexibility and minimizes turnaround times.
  • Our uniquely flexible schedule, which is not limited by the usual nine-to-five work day, lets us respond to your queries within minutes.
  • Our expert linguists are led by seasoned project managers who ensure that your translation project proceeds smoothly, on time, and on budget.
  • Our superior project-management skills also result in cost-effectiveness and quality: our team leaders bring out the best work from our linguist team members.
  • Every characteristic of ECTrans, from our work environment to our committed and talented people, allows us to connect with you smoothly and easily, without the baggage of a brick-and-mortar business.


Competitive Rates

At ECTrans, our smart, efficient business model is cost-effective. We pass the savings on to you through our highly competitive pricing structure.


Are you tired of never knowing who you’ll get? At ECTrans you’ll have a single point of contact. Your dedicated project manager will answer your questions, anticipate your needs, and manage your timeline, project budget, and quality. We’ll save you a lot of time and money. And with our virtual work environment, you’ll know you can count on us even outside regular business hours. Once you’ve enjoyed our personalized, top-notch translation services and solutions, you’ll never want to work with another translation provider again.

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